A three-year-old boy treated for an aggressive staph infection had both of his legs amputated. San Diego firefighters brought his fire truck fascination to life. SAN DIEGO — It was a special surprise for a little boy being treated at Rady Children’s Hospital on Monday. Last week, News 8 reported about Beauden Baumkirchner, 3, who fell off his bike and scraped his knee in October and was rushed to the hospital for an aggressive staph infection. Both of his legs had to be amputated. On Monday, San Diego Fire-Rescue heard about his fascination with fire trucks and paid him a special visit . “When we saw Beauden come out for the hospital, we lit up, he lit up and we are happy to meet him,” said Captain Joe Amador, San Diego Fire-Rescue. Beauden’s mother said his fascination with firefighters has helped keep his spirits up. “When he was intubated for the first two weeks he was asleep, when he woke up, it was one the first thing he asked for — fire trucks,” said Julianna Baumkirchner. Friends and family sent Beauden fire truck toys, but then San Diego Fire-Rescue heard about Beauden’s aggressive staph infection and his love for firefighters, so they pulled up in the fire engine and lined up outside the hospital. “We know he has a long road ahead, but nothing can make us more proud to try and fulfill a little bit of a wish and give him a little bit of happiness for this […]