Hi Mike, Love your newsletters and thank you so much for your hard work! My wife and I have been full-timing in our 5th wheel since retiring a couple of years ago. We have a “home base” in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Our neighbor was telling me that a 50-amp service barely powers his 45-ft. Essex motorhome. He told me about this new park here in Florida that provides 100- and 150-amp service. See the link to the Keystone Heights RV resort HERE . My first house only had 100-amp service! Is this a new trend to provide higher amp services for RVs? Wouldn’t a higher amperage pedestal require a heavier cable? Thought it might be a article that you might be interested in. Thanks. — Bob Sapio Dear Bob, I believe this is a case of mistaken identity that I discussed last year. As William Shakespeare wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and Shirley Ellis would write “The Name Game.” Yes, you should listen to this fun song HERE to prepare yourself mentally for this tutorial. And re-read my JAM Session on 100-amp pedestals HERE . First things first First of all, did you realize that a standard 240/120-volt by 100-amp service in your home is actually 200 amps at 120 volts? And a 200-amp home service is actually 400 amperes at 120 volts? So when we plug into a 50-amp campground pedestal we have to make some adjustments in the amount of power […]