Hello all! I’ve been reading a bunch of forms and articles about my issue, but wanted to get an opinion of somebody smarter than me before I tear the water pump apart or buy a new one. My problem is that the pump, an Aquapro 12v, will run for about 2 second, every 30 seconds or so with all the water off in the RV. I think it’s not a bad pressure switch, because the system is in fact losing pressure. If I turn off the pump and wait a few minutes, there is no pressure left in the lines. In fact, after a few hours, I will hear the electric heating element in the water heater’s tank start to sizzle as the water slowly back drains out of it. We are full time and have had this issue for a month or so now. I’ve searched all over the RV and have found no evidence of any water leaking, interior or exterior. I’m puzzled because I don’t really know where this water is going. If we are hooked up to city water, it’s not like our fresh water tank is filling up or anything. So I’m not suspecting that it’s flowing backwards into the fresh water tank when we are not hooked up to city water. Again, I think the pressure switch is ok, but maybe a check valve or the pump itself is allowing water to back feed? I just don’t know where it ends up. Any […]