Winter camping can be peaceful and cozy—the silence of a winter forest, the crackling of a roaring fire, the warmth of a hot cup of cocoa. But, Mother Nature loves to be unpredictable. Think ahead in the event of unexpected snowfall. Brush up on winter weather towing best practices, and outfit your rig with essential safety tools if you plan RV towing in cold either. Remember, if the weather worsens, stay put and wait it out. Think Like a Scout Be prepared by keeping your vehicle and trailer well maintained. Annual service checks help spot brake repairs and electrical disconnections. Replace older batteries, which struggle to hold a charge in cold temperatures. Outfit your rig and tow vehicle with snow tires. Keep a set of snow chains on hand so you don’t get trapped anywhere where chains are required to pass. Kit Up Cold weather towing requires some additional tools in your toolkit. For travel trailers, invest in an anti-sway hitch . Snowy conditions, signal wind gusts and blustery weather, so keep trailer sway to a minimum with this essential tool. A well-prepared camper always has a first aid kit on hand. Add some flares, water, food, blankets, and batteries to your stock for a winterized safety set up. Getty Images Know Your Route Be prepared with stopping points and fuel stations along your route in case the weather takes a turn and you need to stop. Know how near you are to the next pull off. Avoid routes […]