Are RV trailer tires exempt from the physical laws of the universe? What is so special about RV trailers that would make people think they are free from scientific principles and physical realities? On an internet forum for owners of a well-known RV trailer company, there was a discussion on what the correct or proper inflation and load capacity was for tires on the company’s trailers. I jumped in with the following observations. Tires list the maximum load they are rated to support and they also list the minimum cold inflation needed to achieve that load capacity. This dichotomy of “ The Maximum is the Minimum ” was covered in my blog on RV Tire Safety. I really do not understand why people seem so afraid of running more than the minimum cold inflation needed to support the actual load. I am in the process of working through the “Rule Making” documents from DOT when they set the minimum margins on inflation for cars, SUVs and trucks equipped with TPMS. It is noted that RVs were specifically excluded from this rule making. Could that be because the RV companies didn’t want to see any increase in costs even if it meant the product would have fewer failures? No, that couldn’t be. No corporation would ever shave costs if the safety of the product might be compromised – would they ? The MINIMUM cold inflation a tire should have would be the level needed to support the actual tire load. […]