Winnebago Inspire exterior By Tony Barthel With the growing number of people who enjoy the RV life, there is also a growing number of people who have physical challenges who also want to enjoy this wonderful way to see the USA. There have been pathways for people who might be in a wheelchair or have other mobility challenges to custom-order RVs, but Winnebago realized how delayed these special orders can be and thus established regular production models that feature many of the accommodations that could offer greater travel options to more travelers. As such, I looked at the Winnebago Inspire 34AE , a Class A diesel pusher based on the Freightliner XCS chassis. While it may not be apparent from the outside, this motorhome is designed to be accommodating for people in wheelchairs. That starts with a large door on the side that can be opened remotely via a key fob or from the interior with a remote. There is a power lift mechanism that can lift an individual in a wheelchair into the coach, making ingress and egress possible and even easy. For anyone not in a wheelchair, there is a traditional entry door just behind the larger door with a cover that drops down over the steps, giving the rig more floor space. There are dual opposing slides in this rig with the camp side slide encompassing a huge wardrobe, washer-dryer, a residential refrigerator, the three-burner stove and kitchen countertops. Interestingly the kitchen sink remains stationary on […]