Time Out comparison By Tony Barthel Let’s say you want to go camping but your tow vehicle is really, really small. No, not a Subaru or the like. I’m talking even smaller. Like a Harley. Are you just out of luck? Let’s take a Time Out. No, not a break – I mean a Time Out Trailer . Time Out Trailers are specifically designed for the smallest of tow vehicles and might be something you’d more likely see at a Sturgis motorcycle event than an FMCA gathering, although the FMCA now does permit travel trailers so these might just sneak in. The Time Out Trailer profile is a very, very small, foldable trailer that is essentially a step above tent camping in many ways. Yes, there is a proper queen-sized mattress (provided you brought your inflator or have strong lungs) and even a table inside. In fact, if you want to get fancy, there is even a spot for an air conditioner. Basically, the Time Out Trailer is a folding tent trailer that shrinks down to fit in a shape so small you could tow it with a more capable motorcycle. Yes, the trailer is little more than a space for that queen-sized bed and a tabletop. You sit on the bed and that’s the seating for the table. Period. But let’s say you want to entertain other campers. Time Out Trailers has a screen room upgrade for that. The entire trailer, even the Deluxe Camper model, weighs about […]