Tiffin Allegro Bus hero By Tony Barthel At one point I made the mistake of mixing up Tiffin with another brand, saying that Tiffin was a Thor product. It was a simple mistake but you would think that I had said that space aliens were coming to take your pets away, based on the absolutely vitriolic response I got on that web forum. People were angry, saying, “Bob Tiffin would never sell out to Thor.” Well, who’s laughing now? Or, perhaps, they’re crying with the announcement that Tiffin was bought-out by Thor , the world’s largest RV manufacturer. In that forum, people had spoken with Bob Tiffin or met him at RV shows, and felt a kinship as much to him and the Tiffin family as they did to their very fancy motorhomes. This wasn’t just another motorhome company – if you bought one of their products you were in the Tiffin family. At least based on those posts. One of the products that Tiffin is absolutely known for is the Tiffin Allegro Bus . Looking at these things, they’re just stunningly beautiful inside and out. Tiffin builds their own chassis right there in Georgia and much of the rest of the coach is their doing as well. The upholstery, cabinetry, exterior detailing and features all reflect the fact that the company is focused on building a standout luxurious RV. They’re not simply repackaging the high-end stuff out of the Lippert catalog, but using whatever the best component or […]