Taxa Tiger Moth hero By Tony Barthel I see a lot of people asking what they can tow with Jeep Wranglers. The TAXA TigerMoth might just be the answer, depending on the Wrangler. According to Jeep, the Wrangler can tow between 2,000–3,500 lbs. depending on the model, and the TigerMoth fits right into that range. It also has the same tough, go-anywhere appearance as the Jeep. That makes sense since this is designed just for the same backwoods trails as that Jeep. The TAXA TigerMoth is more of what we would consider a tactical trailer of sorts. The interior is loaded with exposed metal beams that have holes drilled in them so you can hang bungees and bungee nets and that sort of thing. That kind of build is extended outside where the roof has an optional Thule rack system built-in and, again, there are plenty of steel plates with lots of holes drilled in so you can bungee your kayaks or other things down. On the side is a “door” that swings up on gas struts. It amounts to about half the passenger side of the trailer. That is kitty-corner to a back door that swings open. Out back is a pull-out kitchen with a unique wooden box that has movable partitions and a second box with a cutting board lid on it. Above that, on the outside, is a five-gallon jug with a push-button spigot that serves as the water system. No worries about leaks and easy […]