Santa’s Sleigh hero By Tony Barthel A couple of Christmases ago, as a fluke, I left a note by the stockings with a plate of really nice home-baked peanut butter cookies and a glass of chilled eggnog along with a silly request. Being an RV writer, I asked Santa if I could do a review of his sleigh for grins and giggles. Of course, I did this in jest, but after a few eggnogs myself, I thought, “What the heck.” Right on Halloween last year, I got a note that appeared on my desk as if by magic that read, “Your Santa’s sleigh review has been approved. Please stand by your chimney on December 24th at 8:31 a.m., California time, for pickup.” Now, I thought this was a joke, but not wanting to pass up an opportunity to see who the note writer was, I did as instructed. I looked at my watch. It was 8:30 and nothing was happening, as I suspected. But then, as the second hand indicated the predetermined time, there was a clatter on the roof and, what do you know, Santa, his sleigh and the whole team was up there! “Come on up, Tony!” he said with a chuckle. Wow. Santa Claus! My first thought was that this was silly. My second thought was that I was glad it was a new roof because all those reindeer, Santa himself, two elves, a sleigh and the biggest red velvet bag I’ve ever seen didn’t come […]