By Tony Barthel I look at a lot of RVs and, of course, some really intrigue me. Sometimes after I’ve started looking at a specific RV I’ll come across a figure that seems so ridiculous I have to contact the manufacturer. There has to be an error… This is what happened while I was looking at the forthcoming RKS Purpose Off-Road trailer. This is a small (2,500 lb. dry weight) trailer designed for an adventurous lifestyle. When I was looking at it to review, though, something caught my eye. I couldn’t believe the trailer’s specifications indicated that they had 70 gallons of fresh water aboard. How? I called and spoke with Elisabeth Gritsch, one of the founders of RKS. She assured me that there was, in fact, 70 gallons of fresh water capacity in this trailer. It’s accomplished brilliantly with two baffled fresh water tanks, one fore and one aft to help balance the trailer. That’s some great thinking. So, what else is different about this trailer? In fact, there are a lot of things that are engineered differently in this trailer. Some of the construction utilizes aircraft-grade adhesives which actually result in bonds stronger than welds. There’s a full stand-up bathroom in a trailer that starts out 6’11” tall. There are racks on the side so you can bring bicycles or kayaks and that sort of thing. And there’s no wood whatsoever in the construction of these trailers. The trailer walls and roof are a 1.5” thick honeycomb […]