By Tony Barthel Have you heard of the term rabbit hole? It is the absolute definition of me on the Internet and the Outdoors RV Creek Side 21RD MS (Mountain Series) is what led me down the rabbit hole in this case. Well, it was the suggestion from Matt Day who pointed me in the direction of Outdoors RV, more specifically. Thanks, buddy! Outdoors RV Outdoors RV is a small manufacturer of RVs in La Grande, Oregon. It’s similar to Northwood, whose Arctic Fox 27-5L fifth wheel I wrote about recently. The company specifically targets those who want to spend a lot of time off the grid and away from it all. You can see this in how the company builds and specs their RVs. That rabbit hole that I referred to was hours and hours of videos and informational portals about Outdoors RV and how they do things. I found video plant tours and interviews with principals at the company. Now I feel I know as much about their production and build philosophy as they do. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration… But I was impressed watching the thought process that goes into components and methods to achieve an off-road-capable, boondocking-friendly rig. Lots of options at Outdoors RV If you decided you like what you see, and I can fully respect that, you are going to have to make a further decision in which “class” of trailer you choose. There are four classes: Creek Side, Timber Ridge, Black Stone […]