Yesterday we looked at some of my favorite RVs that I got to review for 2020. Today I want to look at some of the special, well-designed features in some of these RVs that really make them stand out. While most RVs are built from the same box of Legos, innovative features are few and far between. Occasionally, though, someone will take those same building blocks and make something truly unique. You can almost tell which RV manufacturers empower their team to take the units out and use them and which don’t do a good job of this. When I first got hired into the RV business I asked a few RV industry folks what their style of RVing was and, to my great dismay, most of them said they weren’t regular RVers at all. In fact, many of them didn’t ever go RVing as it wasn’t their style. Seriously. Folks who work in the RV industry who don’t go RVing? That’s like someone in the music industry listening to podcasts instead of tunes. Or a fat doctor who smokes. Wait… I know both those people as well. Anyhow, these are some of my favorites standout features thus far… Outdoor kitchen We’ve all seen the typical outdoor kitchen in an RV. A lousy two-burner stove, maybe a sink and a refrigerator that only operates when the RV is plugged into 110vac. That means you’ll have to wait a good long while before your beer is chilled after arriving at […]