By Tony Barthel I have long said that the way the domestic RV market behaves is much, much like the domestic auto manufacturers of the 1970s. With the sheer dominance of this market, Thor, Forest River and Winnebago are not unlike GM, Ford and Chrysler in the ‘70s. While they all talk a good game, they should also be very, very, very wary of foreign competition. Particularly from China. And, case in point, Maxus unveiled a showcase that has made international news and shows that our industry in the U.S. needs to be paying close attention. The Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition is available now in China for about $420,000. It shows that a large-scale manufacturer is eyeing the RV market very closely and has ideas that don’t come from spending time with the brochures of the competition. The Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition What the heck is this thing? Essentially it’s a Class C motorhome based on a Maxus cutaway platform that looks suspiciously familiar. While RV companies here do slides, this thing does more than that with a roof that glides up and provides a glass-enclosed penthouse complete with seating and a table. The true news in this thing is the fact that you get to that second floor in an elevator. Seriously! Once you’re up there, there’s a transparent OLED TV at the back that serves as a window when it’s off but as a TV when it’s on. There’s also a front balcony. […]