By Tony Barthel Last week I shared a story about an incredible semi-truck sleeper cab and I don’t think I was clear about the fact that there are people who tow fifth wheels with what are called HDTs, or Heavy Duty Trucks. So what kind of trailer might you want to tow with an HDT? Perhaps this Heartland Big Country 370FB2 fifth wheel. A few years ago, when California was having such intense wildfires and people were losing their homes, our dealership carried this brand of fifth wheel and it was all we could do to keep them in stock as people were looking for a replacement for the home the wildfires took. I got to see a good number of these Heartland Big Country 5ers come through the dealership on their way to being a temporary house while the owners built their new home. There is a lot to like about these from a features standpoint. For example, in this model the kitchen features a good amount of counter space on a kitchen island surrounding a deep two-bowl stainless steel sink. The stovetop isn’t your typical RV stove but, rather, is a three-burner arrangement with very high-quality burners including a very high-performance center burner that can really bring on the heat. Beneath that is a real convection oven and above it is a 30” convection microwave. These now come with only a residential refrigerator, and it’s a fancy model with French doors at the top and a slide-out […]