2020 Winnebago Travato exterior This review looks at the changes and upgrades to the 2022 Winnebago Travato 59G , the best-selling Class B RV. What’s new and changed for the 2022 model year. By Tony Barthel There is a huge market for Class B RVs, and Winnebago has the tiger by the tail with their popular Travato model. So what do you do when you’re number one in a field – keep going the same or make changes? Winnebago has made some upgrades based on their passionate and enthusiastic following of Travato owners. The 2022 Travatos will have a number of things that can make a big difference to owners. But first, the Travato is a line of Class B RVs based on the Ram Promaster chassis. Those of you who have been to Europe might recognize this van’s origins as the Fiat Ducato. Since Fiat owns Chrysler, you get Chrysler’s Ram branding on their Fiat vans – hence, Ram Promaster. Advantages of a Class B RV One of the advantages with these is that they can serve both as a recreational vehicle and a regular daily driver. There are both the front individual seats in the cab of the Promaster as well as two second-row seats which incorporate three-point seat belts. The back of the Travato also leaves enough of the original van’s functionality in place that you can also use it for those runs to the hardware store and that sort of thing. The bed in the […]