By Tony Barthel If you’re in the business of keeping up with the Joneses and suddenly they show up with a new Ram 3500 Laramie that can tow up to 35,100 pounds there’s only one way to go – HDT. What is an HDT? A heavy-duty truck – the kind you see long-haul truckers using to keep food (and your Amazon purchases) coming. But wait, you say… You don’t want to be a gear jammin’ CB yakking trucker! You like things like automatic transmissions and air conditioning and a great GPS. No worries. Today’s modern trucks have all that and just about everything else in your fancy SUV. Oh, and the ability to tow 80,000 pounds…. Take that, you Joneses! But that’s not all. You could take your truck to ARI Legacy Sleepers in Shipshewana, Indiana, and have that truck converted into an RV on par with whatever you’re planning to tow. Or whatever the Joneses are towing. Forget using the toilet in truck stops – ARI Legacy Sleepers creates sleepers that are fully outfitted with everything you could want in a fashion that would give those Joneses’ luxurious fifth wheel a run for its money. Things like 12vdc refrigerators, climate control, actual residential mattresses and, yes, showers and toilets. And the company is agnostic, of sorts, in that they don’t pay allegiance to just one chassis builder. You can get their sleepers on things like the Freightliner Cascade or a Western Star 5700XE or just about any brand […]