Revel 44e top By Tony Barthel Some people have whatever RV they have just because that’s what was available at the dealership at the time. But then there are some RVs that have huge followings of passionate owners. Such are some of Winnebago’s Class B vans, including the Revel . The Revel is not your ordinary RV by any means. Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4X4 chassis, this is a Class B van that also offers off-road prowess along with significant off-grid functionality. What does Mercedes know about off-roading, you ask? Have some fun on the Internet and look up the Unimog and the Geländewagen. Mercedes is a company that knows 4X4 – we just don’t see it very much. Impressive technology In addition to its Sprinter roots, Winnebago has outfitted this rig with some incredible tech that is useful to the off-grid overlander. Up on the roof are 250 watts of solar feeding 250 amp-hours of LiFePO batteries. There’s a 2,000-watt Xantrex converter that will run the air conditioning system. If the solar isn’t cutting it for energy production, because sometimes you want to park under the trees, there is a second alternator on the Mercedes-sourced 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine that specifically charges up this battery pack. Of course, you could also hook this to 30-amp shore power – but there isn’t much of that where a lot of folks take these. Knowing that lithium batteries don’t like to be charged when they’re cold, Winnebago has outfitted these […]