By Tony Barthel Alan Warren and I share a bias – we both are big, big fans of Rockwood products. To be fair, Rockwood is a sponsor of Alan’s The RV Show USA , but I like Rockwood products because I bought one with my own money and started a Facebook fan club –which has grown to almost 7,000 members. Recently, Alan shared a video with me where he talks to Anthony Yoder of Rockwood, who does a walk-through of their 2883WS fifth wheel . I believe I’ve also written that Rockwood and Flagstaff are essentially the same product with some minor differences in decals and such. So if you can’t find a Rockwood dealer you enjoy working with, you can get the Flagstaff version of this in the 528IKRL. The view from here… When Alan shared the video, his words were: “Check out the windows on this fifth wheel!” He wasn’t kidding! The large windows in this model really do open up the fifth wheel. This was a pleasant surprise since I’ve seen an increasing number of models recently with very, very few windows. Not here. In fact, the windows on Rockwood products were a reason I bought mine: I like the frameless windows that hinge at the top quite a bit. While some complain that they don’t let in enough air, Rockwood products always have a high-performance ceiling vent fan. I can create quite the breeze in my trailer with a few windows cracked and that fan […]