225FKS Retro RV By Tony Barthel Riverside RV and I share a year of significance – 2008 is the year the company opened its doors and it’s also the year I bought a resort. But Riverside is still building RVs today and I have since sold the resort. Now I get to share RV stories with you instead –and I like that better. Yesterday I looked at one take on the idea of a retro RV style. Riverside has a very different idea in some ways. But not all. Like yesterday’s Vintage Cruiser , the color choices of the Riverside Retro feature two-tone vinyl upholstery, valances and details on the inside. In fact, they both offer a turquoise and cream or crimson and cream upholstery with Riverside rounding out the choices with a gray interior and maple cabinetry (in the event you prefer something more contemporary/mainstream). But I like that all the Riverside Retro models offer a birchwood interior – the walls and cabinet doors are all a birchwood look as it is with my friends’ vintage trailers. It’s a very big change from what you’ll see everywhere else at the RV show. Well, if there were still RV shows… Riverside Retro trailers are available in a tremendous number of exterior colors including aqua, black, indigo blue, orange, Penske yellow, red, royal blue, Seafoam green, white and silver. The flooring is the same in all models, a black-and-white checkerboard floor that reminds me of a vintage diner which, I […]