Northern Lite Hero By Tony Barthel In finding RVs to look at here, I’ve been coming across more independent manufacturers than I had initially thought were out there. I’m impressed with some of these smaller companies and I’m enjoying looking at some of their nifty products! One of those companies is Northern Lite in Kelowna, B.C., Canada. Today I’m taking a look at their 8-11 Limited Edition Truck Camper . Northern Lite – they know snow & mo’ Northern Light makes some interesting campers and one of the first things that intrigued me is a very, very long warranty. In fact, the company offers a six-year warranty on the exterior of their units. How do they pull this off? The exterior of the camper is essentially two big fiberglass pieces. Think Casita or Oliver travel trailer, for example. So instead of being made up of flat walls that have seams right at the edges, a critical stress point, each half of this thing is essentially a large fiberglass tub. Then all the exterior screws are made of stainless steel. Yes, the marker lights, baggage doors, you name it. They’re all stainless steel. The company has mounted the four power jacks that come with their camper to the underside of the camper rather than just the sidewalls. The campers are certified independently for four-season use. Hey, they get some serious winters in Canada so these folks know from cold climate. Part of that is the dual-pane European-style awning windows, of […]