By Tony Barthel The best-selling vehicle in the U.S. is the half-ton truck with well over a million units sold every year. So, it makes sense that Grand Design has a line of fifth wheels that are specifically designed to be towable by these ultra-popular vehicles in the Grand Design Reflection 150 Series 240RL Fifth Wheel . Before the Tow Police get on me about how a half-ton truck isn’t a good fifth wheel tow vehicle, let’s be clear that no matter what you’re towing, my personal belief is that you shouldn’t exceed about 70% of the tow vehicle’s capability. This leaves you with capacity but is also realistic about the fact that you forgot to weigh that cast iron cookware set when you did your calculations. Looking at my own pickup, a Ram 1500 with the Hemi V8 and 3.92 gears, that vehicle is rated to tow 9,910 pounds but the cargo carrying capacity is 1,780 pounds. Add two passengers and some stuff to the cab and now you’re down 500 lbs. That’s 1,280 lbs. of cargo-carrying capacity. The pin weight on this fifth wheel is 1,222 lbs. dry weight, so I would not recommend towing it with this combination in the real world. You really should look at the numbers before you make any buying decision on a vehicle. So is this half-ton towable? Perhaps. But not all half-ton trucks are the same. With all that in mind and the Tow Police somewhat satisfied, let’s look at […]