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By Tony Barthel
Toy haulers make a lot of sense for a lot of people; however, a lot of people don’t think about them and look to bunkhouse models instead. Maybe people don’t look at them because many toy hauler models are the least appealing from a design standpoint, with cold/industrial interiors.

Plus many of them are named after things we avoid rather than are drawn toward. So, it was with great interest that Grand Design showed off their upgraded 2021 Imagine XLS 24MPR , a smaller toy hauler with a very pleasant interior and a unique take on the toy box portion in the back. And, to be fair, Grand Design calls this a “lounge” rather than a toy box.

A trailer like this makes a lot of sense for buyers who have kids, especially ones nearing or in their tweens, as it gives them a separate room for sleeping. But it also enables them to bring their adventure gear and configure the space more to their liking. If it’s grandchildren you’re bringing along, this gives you pleasant quarters in the front and them a separate place in the back, […]