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By Tony Barthel
It’s not often that I stop in my tracks when I see something in the RV business – as “your design is oftentimes my template.” But when I saw the Genesis Supreme Overnighter that’s just what happened. Genesis Supreme is a relatively new company in the RV world. They started in 2012 in Southern California, but the founders have decades of experience in the RV industry. The company only makes toy haulers – that’s it – and all of their models are built in Perris, California.

What caught my eye was their Genesis Supreme Overnighter, which I thought of as the Chevrolet El Camino of RVs, for lack of a better description. While most RVs are more like vans, this one has a big open back deck on which to roll your toys or just use as a huge deck.

The front of the trailer is an enclosed space just as you’d expect in a trailer, and the back is the huge open deck. The deck measures 14’ 6” long and can haul about a ton-and-a-half, depending on what else is in the trailer and specifically which model suits you, as the different […]