The Flagstaff E-Pro line has been a big hit for the company. By Tony Barthel It used to be if you bought the “little” trailer from any line you were getting the least-well-equipped bottom-of-the-line trailer. The thinking was that people who wanted small wanted cheap. That left a market for companies like Oliver and Casita – who build small, high-quality travel trailers. Well, someone at Flagstaff caught on and thus the line of E-Pro and the identical but re-badged Rockwood Geo Pro trailers were announced. These are all single-axle trailers with a narrower body and are the smallest non-folding trailers in the Flagstaff (and Rockwood) family. But they are identical to the larger Micro Lite and Super Lite trailers in build quality and choices of higher-end components and are very close in features as well. So how has the public taken to these trailers? They’ve been selling like proverbial hotcakes. In fact, my own trailer, a 2017 Rockwood Mini Lite 1905, is the last single-axle offering in the Mini Lite range. Today to get the same trailer you’d have to be in the E-Pro line. As with any family, it seems that things start small and grow – and that’s exactly what’s happened with the E-Pro line with two new models for 2021 that are the largest ever in this family. They are 21’2” in length and sport a slide room on the road side. The new Flagstaff E-Pro 20FBS is a small, light, couples’ camper that is still […]