Freelander 21rs exterior By Tony Barthel I looked at two Class B motorhomes recently and, as I’ve said before, Class B motorhomes are hot . We’ve looked at the Winnebago Travato and the Airstream Interstate . If you’re willing to consider a Class C instead of B, let’s see what you can get for under $100,000 in something like the 2021 Coachmen Freelander 21RS Class C . With even a list price under $100,000, the Freelander offers quite a bit of motorhome for the money. Class C versus Class B There’s a lot to like about Class B motorhomes, with the fact that the entire body structure is steel and is engineered by a vehicle manufacturer. You don’t read about roof leaks or water damage much in Class B motorhomes – and that’s one of the things that’s appealing about them. Class B motorhomes also drive more like cars, partially because they’re the same width from front to back, whereas Class C motorhomes have the motorhome body built by an RV company and the van front and chassis built by a major vehicle manufacturer. Furthermore, the Ford E-Series chassis and GM cutaway chassis have been in production for a very long time and show it. Since the majority of the customers for these are commercial in nature, the interiors of these vans have a feel that leans toward fleet operation logic rather than individual owner passion. In other words, they feel industrial. Great use of space with the J-lounge […]