Aliner Ascape hero By Tony Barthel When I was a wee lad one of my favorite things about the circus was the clown car, where some tiny car would stop and a ton of clowns would get out of it. It’s no joke that you can almost liken the Aliner Ascape trailer to that car. Minus the whole circus reference, this trailer is almost twice as big inside as its exterior proportions seem to exhibit. For example, you can get an Aliner Ascape with a full kitchen, bathroom, shower and dinette. All this in a package that looks like it’s big enough to fit inside the storage bays of some larger fifth wheels. Seriously – this thing is packaging magic! A commenter on a social media forum indicated that the biggest challenge he has with the trailer is that every time he stops he has to give tours, whether that be at the filling station or at a campground. There are actually three models of the Ascape – the Plus, the Grand Ascape ST and the Grand Ascape Plus. The principal difference is that the Plus is 71” wide and the Grand models are 79” wide. There are a few floor plan differences as well, but all three models are well below 2,000 lbs. in total and under 250 lbs. of tongue weight, which makes them towable by a wide range of vehicles. Looking at the smallest member of the family, the Aliner Ascape Plus, you might be surprised […]