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By Tony Barthel
What exactly is an RV? We each have our own preconceived notions of what the best kind of RV is. I belong to a lot of groups and organizations where people are looking for a small trailer to tow behind something like a Subaru. To some, that’s all the “RV” they need.

While the obvious answer to those people might be a very tiny trailer to tow behind their car, what about something you can put on your car? More and more, here in Northern California, I am seeing an increasing number of vehicles with roof-top folding tents including seeing those at campgrounds. In fact, I even met a guy who was living in one on the roof of his Subaru. So I looked into them for these reviews and came across the Roofnest Sparrow .

Really, these rooftop tents are more overlanding than RVing, and I accept that, but they’re also a great alternative to the casual enthusiast looking to go somewhere who wants to step up from a tent. You’re probably thinking, “Wait, but this is a tent.” But here’s the deal:

In a rooftop tent, you never have to worry about […]