Rising Voices note: Our monthly newsletter provides a summary of our recent blog posts about all aspects of digital inclusion including access and adoption of digital tools, as well as different ways and opportunities for communities to fully participate online. Read here for previous editions of this newsletter. Hello readers, welcome to 2021! In this first issue of the new year, we’d like to highlight a podcast called O Foundation Conversations , produced and hosted by Subhashish Panigrahi from the O Foundation and Rising Voices contributor. During the first few episodes, Subhashish has spoken with guests from various parts of the world on their work around preservation and documentation of indigenous and endangered languages, as well as language revitalization through content creation and sharing via digital means. Recent episodes have featured language activists working with the Santali and Sundanese languages, as well as the most recent episode exploring “lesser-known” languages of North Pakistan. We’ve enjoyed these episodes and believe that you will, too. If you are into conversations on cultural diversity and how geopolitical conflicts, marginalization, exclusion, as well as how the concept of openness (eg, open culture, open knowledge, open access and open source) plays a role in this matter, give it a listen! Speaking of language revitalization by way of digital means, we want to share with you a story about Gitxsan Got Talent . This social media contest helped the Gitxsan First Nations community find creative ways to encourage keeping their language and community vibrant online […]