RV is one of a handful of artists who can legitimately claim to have carried UK drill into the mainstream without watering down its street-centred, cruddy content. The north London spitter is probably best known for connecting with OFB stablemate Headie One for two volumes of the legendary Drillers and Trappers series in 2017 and 2019. Check his ice-cold verse on notorious single “Know Better”: featuring super-localised bars about doing dirt on the other side — “Get ‘round there and try burst man (boom)” — before grabbing a munch in enemy territory — “ Blue Nile or I hit Kervans (everywhere)”, its outrageously audacious energy sums up RV’s give-no-fucks approach and has been spun over 10 million times on YouTube. First though – here’s some key backstory. Eagle-eyed (or old) listeners might have spotted him as a teenage road rap specialist way back in 2010. Operating under the name Young RV, his distinctive lisping cadence and killer punchlines ( “Even Superman dies in the end / I don’t street fight, I’m not Ryu and Ken” ) began to create a buzz, before an extended stint on the wing halted his progress from 2012 onwards. When RV returned to music in 2016, he jumped on the drill wave that had swept northwards across the river from the blocks of south London . Early cuts like “Virus” and “25 Bells” paired uncompromising gunman chat, trap talk and disdain for the opps with funereal keys and pulsing 808s. It proved to be […]