While some RVs these days come with a washer and dryer installed, most don’t have the luxury. So what do you do with your wet items from swimming, being out in the rain, or other water activities? What do you do with clothes you washed by hand, or wet towels? You can hang them in the bathroom, but you will run out of space fast. A better option is an RV clothesline… and there are several different places you can install one! Today we’re talking about different kinds of RV clotheslines, so let’s dive in. Why Buy an RV Clothesline? Owning an RV clothesline can really come in handy. If you haven’t gone to a laundromat before you will quickly learn that they are not cheap. They are the most expensive of the options and the machines are quite harsh on your clothes. The other option is using a campground laundry room. What you will find is you will want to pack the machines as much as possible and the dryers can’t handle such large loads. This means you might have to run two cycles on the dryer. That’s why having an RV clothesline can be really helpful. And, to top it off, when you air dry your clothes, it’s easier on them and they smell better. Types of RV Clotheslines When it comes to RV clotheslines there are a couple different types. All work well and are made to fit your needs. Ladder Mounted: the ladder mounted dryer […]