The RV lifestyle appeals to people of all ages, and lifestyles like families or couples. Everyone can make an RV vacation a way of traveling that satisfies their needs and wants when exploring new places. It’s fun to follow RV adventurers that have the same travel ambitions as yourself to get new ideas and inspiration for future camping trips, activities and even RV décor.

In this blog, we discuss many different types of RVers from full-time families to solo travelers, and how they do it.

> Full-Time Families

Millennial RVers

Empty Nesters

RV Renovators

Solo Travelers Van Life Campers Full-Time Families A Team Family Adventures The Andersons are an adventuring family of five living in their fifth wheel RV and traveling the country. In mid-2019, they started to minimize their life by getting rid of their possessions and in the process discovered they wanted more adventure and a simple lifestyle. They started working remotely, renting out their house and homeschooling their kids to make unforgettable memories all over the country.The Andersons use Instagram and have a blog to document all the places that have been to. Roaming Nomads The Roaming Nomads include Willi, Julia, their two kids and dog. They have covered over 105,000 miles in six years of full-time RVing. They started their journey in Maine and traveled down the east coast to Florida and then across the country to California and up the west coast and parts of the Midwest.They move at their own pace while traveling, so […]