Special to USA TODAY Seven months into this global pandemic, my husband traded his big, white professional-videographer production van for a bigger, taller, and more adventuresome shade of “pebble gray” Sprinter van. Since so much of his on-location production is shuttered right now, and we both work from home anyway, why not just hit the road? We can explore off-beaten paths and reconnect with one another – while remaining safe in our self-contained, extremely COVID-cautious little bubble. It’s vandemonium out there. We’re not the only ones thinking this way. RV and van sales and rentals alike have surged since early summer, with no signs of slowing down. Van rental start-up Cabana reports its business is up more than 650% , while similar companies like Roamerica and Outdoorsy have experienced similar upswings since the pandemic began. Whether renting or trying to turn an older-style passenger van into a self-contained tiny-home on wheels (on a tight budget) like we are, there’s a lot of homework involved. Even my friend who just completed a 34-day van trip across the country and back with her seven-year-old triplet sons (!) – said it was really hard to find trustworthy advice all in one place. Work from home, but have no room? How about an Airstream RV I’ll get to more of her story in a second, but first, the basics of what I’ve learned after hours of researching #vanlife blogs , posts , and getting all kinds of advice . It’s also worth noting […]