Hi all moving back to the west coast on March 10th. I am trying to get to WA state from NC and my plan is to try and stay as south as possible to avoid as much bad weather as possible. Can anyone share any insights into driving conditions this time of year? I am thinking of this potentially as my route from NC to Salt Lake City. From SLC I’ll cut up towards WA and I’ll surely hit some snow and mountains. My big concern is for the trip across to SLC. Is this a good way to go to avoid as much bad weather as possible? The more northern routes go through Montana, Idaho, Etc and while beautiful I won’t really have much time to enjoy it and I dislike driving in the snow. Plus, I plan to sleep in my van but it’s not really set up for super cold weather right now. I’m trying to get across as fast as possible so stopping to see things is unfortunately way down on the list. Any thoughts on route to WA from NC would be very helpful. I have 4 days to make it as far as possible then I’ll have to stop and work for 4 days, then I’ll have 3 more days to travel.