Glenn Carstens-Peters Reverse mortgage technology platform ReverseVision today announced that it has restructured its technology service plans and pricing matrix in an effort to streamline the entry of lenders into the reverse mortgage business space, while further aligning its offerings with a broader mission of allowing more adequate service to senior customers who use FHA lending programs. The new plans and pricing model is divided into four classes: entry; retail; premium; and enterprise. Each category is scalable to the needs of an organization, the company says. Every tier includes access to qualify borrowers with ReverseVision’s Sales Accelerator modeling tool, as well as to originate loans within ReverseVision Exchange (RVX) and to measure customer satisfaction with STRATMOR Mortgage SAT, a borrower feedback program that giving lenders with data and peer-to-peer performance benchmarking. The new pricing model and service tier implementation comes as business appears to be picking up in the opening weeks of 2021, according to ReverseVision’s VP of Sales and Marketing Wendy Peel in an interview with RMD. The timing for these changes These changes have been in the works for ReverseVision’s product suite since last year, but the timing certainly seems to align well with the levels of business that the company is seeing in the opening weeks of 2021, Peel says. “During these first two weeks of January, we have been busier with new lenders than we’ve been in a long time, ready to come into the system,” Peel says. “Our current customer base has already been […]