Did 2020 give you the blues? Resolve to put a little more lake in your life this year. Lake Lanier beckons each month with possibilities to brighten perspectives for those seeking solace, camaraderie, or exertion on the blue expanse close to home. Don’t have a boat or lakeside property? No need. The lake’s big enough and opportunities broad enough to welcome even the landlocked cul-de-sac dweller to the water’s edge. Here’s a month-by-month suggestion calendar to get you out there: January Winter Beach Bash/Polar Bear Swim : Run away from 2020 and into Lake Lanier on New Year’s Day at Lake Lanier Olympic Park. Instead of the traditional plunge from the docks, this year’s Polar Bears will sprint into the water to dip toes or dunk heads. Attendees can grab hot grub from a food truck and marvel at marshmallow snowmen. Birding for winter migrants: A different population from the summer crowd flies in for winter. Waterfowl from the north seek respite from frozen climates on Lanier’s warmer waters. Find a lakeside park or peninsula with a clear view to look for loons, hooded mergansers, and possibly eagles swooping down for fish. Take binoculars. February Love the trees : Honor the silent natural sentries of Lanier’s 700 miles of shoreline with a personal tribute to the roots, trunks and branches that protect the aquatic environment and wildlife on land. There’s no need to attend a formal Georgia Arbor Day Celebration Feb. 21. Venture out to the water’s edge and […]