Group of people waiting to be vaccinated. Photos by Chris Pugh “The Redwood Empire Fairgrounds has served the county so many times—so many I cannot count—during emergency situations in which I have personally participated over the past 22 years,” says CEO Jennifer Seward. With the June and August fairs cancelled as well as live race car events with spectators and regular weekend rental of their buildings, the Fairgrounds has seen a dramatic decrease in revenue requiring them to cut back costs and staffing. Syringe of Moderna Vaccine Seward, explaining that the Fairgrounds has, over the years, been run as a business, says they have always planned for a potential financial crisis and despite the difficulties of the past months, they have been able to maintain multiple revenue streams that include four schools on their site—a pre-school, Redwood Academy, Accelerated Achievement, and the Tree of Life Charter School—an RV park that accommodated PG&E workers during the fires; car racing without spectators; and the rental of the recently remodeled fair manager’s house on State Street now being utilized by a local business. However, Mendocino County has been their biggest partner during the pandemic with their facilities being used for COVID testing that began in late May and vaccination clinics that are now up and running at Carl Purdy Hall. On Monday evening (Jan. 11) at 8 p.m., Bekkie Emery, the county’s Department Operations Center Manager for the COVID 19 Response, received an email from the state approving 2,400 Moderna vaccines for […]