“You’re not doing anything wrong, OK? You’re not in trouble. But there’s something serious happening. … Do you mind going down to …?” These words were spoken by a female police officer around 6:15 p.m. on Christmas Day near the interior entrance to Dick’s Last Resort on 2nd Avenue North in Nashville. She, along with five other police officers, were knocking on doors on residential floors of the easternmost buildings of the block urging people to immediately evacuate and to avoid 2nd Avenue. This all began when officers responded to 911 calls about gunshots heard there. Upon arriving, the police confronted a situation I suspect they’d never encountered in their entire lives. But they immediately began clearing the buildings once they first heard the digital female voice emanating from a large white RV parked on the west side of the street next to an AT&T telecommunications building. The voice repeatedly announced “Stay clear of the vehicle. Do not approach this vehicle. If you can hear this message, evacuate now ….” That was a brief summary of the beginning of video footage from a bodycam worn by one of the officers who responded to the call. The Metro Nashville Police Department released the video three days after a bomb(s) inside the RV detonated and severely damaged the buildings on 2nd Avenue North between Church and Commerce streets. It also caused regional internet and wireless outages for AT&T’s customers, resulting in an interruption of flights at Nashville’s international airport. I’m not […]