Most RVers assume the sinks in their RV drain exclusively into a gray holding tank. The toilet, most RVers believe, drains exclusively into the black (sewer) tank. But is that always true? In this eight-minute interview by RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury with RV waste systems authority Doug Swarts of Drainmaster.com , you’ll learn that sometimes the bathroom sink does, in fact, drain into the black tank.

Doug even points out that at least one manufacturer drains the liquids from the sink, shower and toilet into the same tank!

While it may be no big deal to most RVers where the water in their bathroom sink drains, to some it can, indeed, be a big deal when conservation of liquid waste is important — as in boondocking, when every once of waste liquid matters.

After you watch the video, please answer our brief poll directly below the video. Do you know where the water in your bathroom sink drains? Okay, would you now please take our survey. Thanks.

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