Source: Searchlight Pictures Most people have seen the hashtag #vanlife on social media and the image it conjures up is of young millennials in shiny, decked-out campers waking up to a sunrise in Big Sur. But in Chloé Zhao’s new film, Nomadland , an older woman named Fern goes on the road after her husband dies and the company-owned mining town she used to live in is left abandoned as a casualty of 2008’s Great Recession. Based on a book by the same name, the movie gives audiences a glimpse into the nomad community of America. To make it more realistic, the director chose to cast a lot of real-life nomads to play versions of themselves in the film. One such person is nomad Bob Wells , the vlogger and author who’s arguably the most famous of these real-life nomads featured in the film. But for those who aren’t initiated into the nomadic lifestyle, who exactly is the real Bob Wells? Source: Searchlight Pictures Who is the nomad Bob Wells who’s featured in ‘Nomadland’? Bob Wells has been a full-time nomad for the past 12 years. He’s the founder of CheapRVLiving , a website where he shares tips for how to live on the road, and he also runs a non-profit called the Home on Wheels Alliance , which funds programs in service of the nomadic community. Before he became committed to a nomadic lifestyle, Bob lived in Anchorage , Alaska, where he worked as a union clerk. He […]