Photo Credit Nanci Dixon A couple of weeks ago we asked our readers “ What kind of roads do you dread driving down the most? ” Of those who voted in our poll, the highest percentage answered that they dread driving down icy/snowy roads the most, followed by city/urban roads, windy roads through mountains, dirt roads and, finally, flat boring roads. We weren’t surprised that most people dislike icy and snowy roads the most – winter driving, particularly driving on ice or snow, can white-knuckle even the calmest driver. COLD WEATHER DRIVING, “OH, SNOW !” Reader Grant G. commented that he can stop whenever needed because they have everything they need in the RV. “ I avoid icy/snowy roads altogether . I just don’t go there and if somehow I got caught in that situation I would pull over at the first safe stop and wait. In my RV I have everything I need to not drive. I always check weather reports when driving anywhere I might find that situation.” Icy and snowy roads aren’t an issue for Irv , who writes, “I don’t fear icy/snowy roads when pulling my trailer. I DON’T DRIVE ON THEM!” John M. knows that it is possible to lose control quickly. “Snowy icy mountain roads are, to me, the most difficult, as you must add the road conditions to the people in front of you and behind you as well as oncoming traffic. With ice and/or black ice, in a fraction of a […]