Well there’s a lot more to your question that you need to think about. Why a class A/B/C? They’re the least versatile options. Tow a travel trailer or a fifth wheel and now your truck can take you anywhere. With A/B/C if you want some milk you have to break down your entire setup just to go somewhere. Or you have to tow a car which sounds like is out of the question for you. I dunno, those things in my opinion are for old people who don’t go anywhere. Drive to the site, park it, done until you leave. I like to explore. I like to get out and see the area and visit local shops and take the family to restaurants too. No way that’s happening without a separate vehicle. Parking anything is just a matter of getting used to it, and ymmv. I have a 37ft rig and with my truck together I’m about 60ft long and have never had an issue getting to a campsite. Yeah it’s more of a challenge but I enjoy that. Towing can actually be pretty fun. How do you plan to use the rig? Where will you be camping? What is your budget? A solo camper doesn’t need a huge rig but a slide out or 2 is a game changer for comfort And 25ft is child’s play honestly.