Do you camp often in public campgrounds? Maybe you find the maximum length restrictions listed in campground directories unreliable? Do you wish there was a way to visit the campground to determine the length and width of the typical campsite before you spend time and energy to drive the RV there? Well, there is a way to look at campgrounds to verify a campsite length: It’s called Google Earth and you can download it on your computer or mobile device for free. With Google Earth, phrases like “will accommodate RVs to 35 feet,” “maximum RV length 22 feet,” and “40 feet combined vehicle length” will no longer leave you guessing if your RV, tow vehicle and/or dinghy can be accommodated. By zooming in on the campground in question, you have a bird’s-eye view of the campground. How do you use Google Earth to determine campsite length? There are a couple ways to determine the true length of the spaces using Google Earth. First of all, look for a scale displayed at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. That will quickly allow you to determine the length of the space. If you don’t understand how to apply a scale, there are still several clues to assist you. Many times there will be a common item in the campsite that will help judge the size of the spaces. For example, a pickup truck (18–20 feet long) or picnic table (average about 6-8 feet long) will help determine the size. […]