QZ Entry Sign By Russ and Tiña De Maris If you haven’t been able to make it down to the Snowbird Capital of the Southwest, Quartzsite, Arizona, you may be wondering what’s up. Between the border crossing issues for Canadian snowbirds to COVID-19 concerns, is Quartzsite really “happening” this year? Snowbird patterns As spectators of the ebb and flow of Quartzsite traffic over the years, we’ve come to expect certain patterns in the little town that annually gets big. Generally, mid-September will mark the start of the seasonal influx. It’s a trickle at first, then as the weather cools down to more acceptable levels, traffic tends to pick up. A major marking point on the calendar tends to be the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re accustomed to seeing a veritable traffic jam of southbound traffic coming down Highway 95, with many turning off in the short-term areas. This year, Thanksgiving wasn’t up to that level. While a reasonable number of snowbirds rolled out their slideouts at the Hi Jolly short-term area, just north of town, farther north at the Plomosa Road area things looked like the proverbial ghost town. Other short-term areas were also way down on temporary residents. West of town, Dome Rock saw RVs few and far between, and much the same could be said for the Scaddan Wash area just east. So what’s up in Quartzsite at the LTVAs (Long-Term Visitor Areas)? Changes at the LTVAs LaPosa South LTVA in mid-December. R & T De Maris. La Posa […]