With Trump defeated, the are huge questions about what will happen to QAnon believers, the most rabid of his entire base . Some are left isolated from their families, and have to face the hard choice of returning to the fold and hearing the endless “I told you so” chorus. Others are doubling down, and they could get dangerous like the two armed Virginians were arrested in Philadelphia for trying to deliver fake ballots . They had QAnon paraphernalia in their car.

If you think QAnon conspiracy theory seems so toxic that it must have been intentionally created or amplified as a kind of Web 2.0 warfare against the United States, but didn’t have the evidence to back that up, well here you go. A recent Reuters article reveals that Russian-linked Twitter accounts helped the movement grow . Now, tech companies of all sort are trying to grapple with the conspiracy.

Patreon has become the latest company to ban QAnon supporters from mentioning the theory on their platform .

YouTube is banning all QAnon related content, as well as conspiracy content that targets individuals . With barely two weeks until the presidential election, will this be a case of “better late than never” or “a day late and a buck short?” Perhaps every little bit helps slow down the craziness, but will it be enough?

Etsy is also going to remove all of its QAnon-related merchandise, for fear that the conspiracy theory will harm the upcoming election .

Facebook is also […]