Our Northwood Arctic Fox fifth wheel and Dodge RAM 2500 truck. (Image: LiveWorkDream.com) Pros & Cons Of Full-Time RVing In A Fifth Wheel All RVers have their own opinion about the best kind of RV for full-time RVing. As a towable owner, I’ve discovered that full-time RVing in a fifth wheel has pros and cons of its own. Yet after fourteen years of traveling, living, and working in a fifth wheel, I’m still in love with this RV type. Here’s why. Pros of full-time RVing in a fifth wheel As you’ll see below, I have a hard time coming up with the cons of full-time RVing in a fifth wheel. But when it comes to the pros, my list is long. After owning two fifth wheels by the same manufacturer, here’s what I love the most about full-time RVing in a fifth wheel. Towable RVs cost less to own. With only one vehicle engine to maintain, the cost of full-time RVing in a fifth wheel is lower than motorized RVs. The cost of ownership for our Dodge RAM 2500 that pulls our Arctic Fox fifth wheel is in line with NADA Guides and far exceeds trailer maintenance costs . But those costs still can’t compare to the much higher expense of full-time RVing in a motorhome and tow vehicle. Our fifth wheel trailer insurance and registration also costs less than a motorized RV policy. If your engine needs work, your home stays in the RV park. When you live […]