This is your chance if you’re a Prince fan to dream and drool over something that probably won’t be going for anything less than several million since it’s a custom job and as the Purple Rain Tour Bus , it’s bound to be highly-customized. Prince fans are likely already learning whatever they can about this RV since to be fair it is hard to doubt that it was Prince’s considering that proof of ownership is pretty easy to trace. But the purple and the interior design is enough for a lot of people to see elements of their favorite star at a glance, though the one private owner the bus has had since Prince would indicate that a few things have been changed, which isn’t too hard to conceive of since most RV owners try to put their own stamp on their vehicles to keep them distinct and unique to their own tastes. But one can only imagine what this bus is going to go for since anything having to do with Prince in a personal nature is bound to fetch a high price considering that his fanbase was enormous. There’s also the interior to think about since the most average RV is still a luxury compared to tent camping more often than not since the appliances, the cushy surfaces, and the fact that most of them are sealed up tighter than a bank vault, okay maybe not that tight, makes an RV a true luxury when going anywhere. […]