Photo: Dennizen (Shutterstock) Google now lets you test Stadia Pro for 30 minutes, no payment information required. That’s not a lot of time, but it’s great to be able to see if you like the streaming service without needing to worry about cancelling a free trial that will otherwise automatically convert into a paid subscription. But with such a limited time to check out the service, what should you play? Before we get to that, know that Google Stadia’s “tiny trial” is different from the free-to-play versions of Destiny 2 and Super Bomberman Online R it offers, as well as the typical 30-day trial for Stadia Pro. Both of those require an active Stadia account and your credit card info—even if you don’t plan on buying anything—which could make some people uneasy if they just want to see if Stadia will work decently on their devices or home network . The new 30-minute Stadia preview, on the other hand, is like a free trial of the free trial. Here’s how to enroll: Create a new Stadia account or sign in with an existing Google account that hasn’t used Stadia yet (Note: you can cancel creating the account after the trial is over). Follow the steps, then click “Start Trial” when prompted to skip entering your payment information for now and play for 30 minutes. Once you start the trial, you’re free to play any game in the Stadia Pro library or its free-to-play titles for half an hour. There […]