In a year where everything has been more different and chaotic than ever before, what are Pinkbike’s test editors and some of our regular contributors asking for? Matt Wragg Deep Woods Supplies One of the little things we have been trying to do at home for the past couple of winters is to reduce how much electricity we use for heating. These days, we get by with a log fire in the evening and maybe some fan heaters in the bathroom. The key to the system is blankets – my wife and I both keep duvets on the sofa for when we’re relaxing, which are great until you have to get up. The worst is going for a pee, as I usually do that outdoors (it saves water, or at least that what I tell her). There’s that horrible rush of cold peeling myself out of my cocoon, shivering by the stream as I pee, then a few minutes of shivering while I wait for the heat to come back after. The Selkbag Nomad looks like the answer to my prayers as I wait for warmth – what could be better than taking the cocoon with me all the time? I can see dozens of situations that would just be better wrapped in a blanket and the nomad version is made of recycled material, so I could stay warm guilt-free. Dave Chapelle summed up lockdown best: it left people stuck with their choices. With nothing else to do, you’re […]