Screenshot: David Murphy New versions of Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers dropped yesterday, and if you haven’t yet updated, now’s as good a time as any: Visit the “About Chrome” or “About Firefox” portion of your browser, both under each browser’s help menu, and it will start updating automatically. While that’s chugging along, here are the major changes you’ll experience in Chrome 87 and Firefox 83 . What’s new in Chrome 87

First, and most important, Google has made a number of tweaks to kick up Chrome’s speed in a few key areas. You don’t have to enable anything to benefit from these adjustments, simply update to Chrome 87 and let ‘er rip. As Google describes: Chrome now prioritizes your active tabs vs. everything that’s open—reducing CPU usage by up to 5x and extending battery life by up to 1.25 hours (based on our internal benchmarks).

Chrome now starts up to 25 percent faster, loads pages up to 7 percent faster, and does all of this using less power and RAM than before.

Chrome on Android now loads pages near instantaneously when you navigate backward and forward, making these common tasks super fast.

I won’t copy Google’s blog post word-for-word, but the next feature it highlights is also a game-changer for anyone like me who tends to have too many tabs open at the same time. If you’re on a Chromebook, you can now search through your open tabs by clicking the downward-facing arrow to the right […]